How Long Can I Expect my Roof System to Last?

This is an excellent question and one that we are frequently asked. It is understandable that with a sizable investment such as this, you want to be sure that your new roof will be serviceable and attractive for years to come. A new roof in Houston and the surrounding areas typically needs replacing within 18-20 years of installation. There are several factors that have an effect on the life of a roof, the two foremost being aesthetic reasons and severe weather damage. Age and weather work together to give a roof a discolored, worn appearance. A worn appearance may not mean that there are structural issues with the roof, but it could have an adverse impact on curb appeal and the resale value of your home or office. However, with proper maintenance, a high-quality roof will often last as long as 25-30 years.

As home and business owners, we at Acadian appreciate and understand that only the highest quality building materials, superior craftsmanship, and correct venting will provide a secure and maintenance free roof. Time and weather wait for no person, so the right materials and workmanship is as important as the roof over your head. Unfortunately, we have and will experience bad weather, but barring unforeseen, catastrophic weather situations, such as hail or high wind, your new installation or re-roof will offer you years of service and curb appeal. When you select a company with the experience, capability and the knowledge of the best practices, even the effects of bad weather can be somewhat nullified.

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